Serpent's Trace

"The serpent leaves us two magnificent gifts: in life, its shed skin - a powerful symbol of re-birth then, in death its majestic bone structure - one of nature’s most fascinating constructions. Designed for hypnotic movement, fitting of such a mystical creature."


An engineering feat, articulated structures of interconnected jewels effect the serpent undulating across your bones. Tactile when adorned as chokers, stackable as rings and bracelets, and visceral as snakes coil in hooped earrings. Silver, black rhodium silver, yellow or rose gold vermeil, and pave - set diamond encrusted serpent skulls transform this ancient creature into mythical legend. The aluminium coiled corset made for Alexander McQueen is the inspiration behind Serpent’s Trace.

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Serpent's Trace

Elegant and powerful, Serpent’s Trace embodies modern unisex wrist wear with a touch of daring. The chain bracelet is seamlessly constructed with sterling silver and gold plated links, creating a sense of movement and fluidity to this sculptural modern jewellery design. Available as a slim bracelet for a more understated look while the strong aesthetic of the wide bracelet makes a perfect mens bracelet.