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Tucked away in a quiet lane behind Bond Street, an unassuming door reveals a winding flight of stairs which transport the visitor from the hustle and bustle of Mayfair to the Shaun Leane atelier.

Through a series of consultations with Shaun and his expert goldsmiths you are invited into all aspects of the design process; immersing yourself in a certain stone or idea from start to finish and creating something which is both artwork and jewel – truly unique and a part of the House and its history forever…

“The ancient tradition of jewellery means that it owes an enormous debt to past masters but, equally as importantly, holds endless promise for the future. To strike this balance is what I strive for with every piece I create.”

Shaun Leane Creative director and founder of Shaun Leane

Our Bespoke Engagement Experience

To help celebrate and eternalise life’s most precious moment why not choose a bespoke engagement ring from the House of Shaun Leane. The resulting design promises to be filled with uniquely personal and sentimental signifiers, crafted to perfection and finished to the exacting standards synonymous with the atelier.

“There is something of the magician about Shaun Leane. He can translate what you want before you know it.

Like the Aztec meets Deco fluid diamond and sapphire fringe tassels around my pair of mis-matched amethysts, which conjure up emotion each time I look at them.

They’re invested with connoisseurship, romance and something quite out of the ordinary, which is spellbinding.”

Carol Woolton Jewellery Editor, British Vogue and Shaun Leane collector

The Bespoke Memoirs Collection

Throughout his traditional goldsmith training Shaun restored countless memorial jewels dating from the 18th century onwards. Now, as a combination of this experience married with the House’s modern bespoke process, we are proud to present the Memoirs collection.

This fine jewellery collection Injects modernism with an all-important element of romance and mystery. A hidden message or lock of hair from a loved one becomes the heart of the jewel itself, as a gift of love, token of remembrance, of friendship or commitment.

Reinforced is the essence of the jewel as an heirloom, passing its romantic stories from one generation to another.

The Messenger Pendant

Each pendant is absolutely unique as the text that lines the outside of the messenger barrel can be customised to feature a significant date or word.

The barrel unscrews to reveal a hidden message which can be written by our resident calligrapher.

The Thorned Heart Pendant

With hidden roundel compartment that can store a secret memento. The thorny stems of a rose embodies the dangerous beauty of nature, the dichotomy of strength and fragility, of attraction and protection. Entwining around a vividly enamelled heart, evoking subtle symbolism of captured, protected love.

The Memoirs Bracelet & Pendant 

A lock of hair either from a loved one or a treasured animal companion to be remembered forever. Encased in a pendant set with precious diamonds with bespoke engraving - pictured here with delicate forget-me-not flowers.

This roundel bracelet features the engraved initials of a client’s children, along with birthstones and diamond pave, honouring the relationship between parent and child.

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