High Jewellery

Shaun Leane’s vision has always been the same: to challenge modern perceptions of High jewellery.  Leane is propelled by the belief that exquisite jewellery should never be restricted by conventional expectations. He creates poignantly emotive, spectacular pieces that tell a story. His fearless designs, instantly recognisable, are his distinguished signature within the world of High jewellery. Opening the House of Shaun Leane in 1999, with his first bespoke commission, by 2005, ‘Shaun Leane’ the artisan had developed into a fully-fledged boutique brand.

There followed collaborations with Boucheron, DeBeers, Diacore, Gemfields, Damian Hirst, Nick Knight - to name but a few…. Always with a meticulous focus to detail. Complex, refined masterpieces of technical virtuosity, using the world’s rarest stones and contemporary materials such as palladium; our High jewellery collection is exclusive; only here, find unequaled, matchless, one-off pieces. These are precious, liberating feats of technical mastery and creative achievement - for those who are serious about style.

Flora & Fauna

One of two major codes of the House of Shaun Leane is Flora & Fauna; Flora, pertaining to agrarian beauty and the life-enhancing power of plants; and Fauna, animal kingdoms, the mammalian world and nature of the wild. Leane beholds, observes, through organic silhouettes - the fibre of life - with exemplary, handcrafted pieces; inspired by the change of seasons - Flora - and cyclical renewal - Fauna. Life, death, a whispered allusion of the afterlife, all imbue Leanes worldly creations with a heartbreaking fragility; a balance of dark and light, which embodies the human experience. Flora, a celebration of botanical beauty has its blueprint in Leanes extraordinary Queen of the Night commission from Boucheron; snared in sinuous, emerald tendrils of mesmeric Majestic Grassland Earrings; snow-lit in the frosted florals of an ethereal White Light Brooch. 

Flora is the finish, the flourish of life. Fauna is the living presence of the thing; something natural for Leane, a life-long collector of curiosities and earthly objects, and he generously inhabits his creations to find their poetic lost beauty. Filtering these observations, connections, through his medium, Leanes jewels become a snapshot in time; undefeated by the process of death and decay; the delicate undulations of an en tremblant Green Beetle Brooch; the skeletal vertebrae of the snake - not the shedded skin - is what captivates in a spectacular Serpents Trace Couture Emerald Necklace. The bones of life - the strength of Fauna - and then the bloom, Flora.

To make an enquiry, please contact Laura Fumagalli, Head of Private Clients at Laura.Fumagalli@shauneleane.com


Line is the other important component of the Shaun Leane aesthetic; a considered counterbalance to Flora & Fauna. Masterful, technical pieces of symmetry and simplicity, with underlying rhythm.  With Line - always curvilinear, unwavering, tapered to a point - Leane intensifies his medium; incisive, perforative silhouettes, mixing graphic lines with opulent colour. Chokers, cuffs, rings, as visual as they are visceral - symphonic arcs and curves effecting a hypnotic state - but sharp to the touch. Line pieces soar with unyielding energy. Diamond-clad articulated lines of powerful Armis Cuffs; echoes of a shimmering Manhattan skyline in an extravagant Sabre Couture Set. 

High-contrast, hybrid materials - platinum, palladium, ceramic; knife-edged, eschewing all extraneous detail. A starry-eyed Prowess Shield Ring has a polished, technical feel. Quill Couture Earrings quiver with technical mastery. Pieces that perform as armour, immortalised in precious metals and exotic stones. Leane envisions our own innate strength, and weaves in the world around us. Beginning with that simple, unswerving Line; you see its DNA in every piece from the House of Shaun Leane.

To make an enquiry, please contact Laura Fumagalli, Head of Private Clients at Laura.Fumagalli@shauneleane.com