For the House of Shaun Leane, this latest collection, SIGNUM, undoubtedly reflects a return to consciousness. In the presence of myth and powerful narrative - transformation is inevitable.  

The relationship between animals and human beings is one of self discovery. Beginning with Stone Age cave carvings of the wool musk ox, to self-reflection in Frida Khalo’s mirror self-portraits with monkeys, or the existential with Leonora Carrington’s surreal hybrid-horses; the animal kingdom - or as Leane calls it, our, “Kindred Spirits” - provide an emotional compass, pointing the way to more than ourselves. These are mirrors to a shadow self. Through animals we may glimpse a deeper grace, insight, freedom.

The legends of Celtic Kindred Spirits inspire SIGNUM, a collection that delights in classical traditions; engraving, enamelling, pavé-setting - creating heirloom pieces with unique custom-features. In 18ct white or yellow gold, select from the ring, pendant/bracelet and scapular - each featuring a timeless shield silhouette, chosen for its symmetry, elegance and offer of protection.

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Inspiration walked into Leane’s back garden in Mrs. Bennet, the fox and her baby cubs. Over several patient weeks of gentle diligence, and moved by their trust in him, Leane tamed an entire family of urban foxes to be hand fed by him - brie and Kerrygold buttered bread.

 “I would call out “Mrs. Bennet” - and she would appear at my feet,” says Leane. “The second stage of trust was presenting her cubs to me at my patio doors. I sat on the stairs beside them as the cubs played and fed from my hands. It was a moment of ultimate connection. Animals exist only in the present… The foxes reminded me to live in the day.” 


The experience triggered Leane’s memories of times in Ireland, and the beliefs of his Celtic ancestors. When not working, he retreats to his cottage at the foot of the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, a nesting decision that saw him return to his father’s roots but ultimately finds him alone, in a landscape of deer and Blackface Mountain sheep. 

Through a deep dive of research, he was enlightened to the reverence that Pagan Celtics had towards the animal kingdom, the foundation of which was this; the animal world can reawaken in us guiding qualities, which shape stronger sides of ourselves. The natural instinctive behaviour of animals, or ‘Kindred Spirits’, are intrinsically connected to our own shadow selves.

“SIGNUM is the culmination of deeply personal experiences I’ve had during these past few enlightening years. Rediscovering my Celtic-Irish ancestry and the reverence Pagans had towards the animal kingdom has reinforced an emotional connection to the nation of my heart.” 


A final option for custom-pavé setting allows an exquisite finish: in black or white diamonds, or blue sapphires. Perfectly framing the protective shield, the pavé adorns the curvaceous shanks, illuminating your ‘Kindred Spirit’. What is then crafted is an exquisite piece of fine jewellery, beautifully ornate and personalised to you. 

Each wearer chooses their ‘Kindred Spirit’, the quality you want to nurture within yourself. This will be reflected in the one you are intrinsically drawn towards and what personally in you it can enhance for the better. Mirroring Pagan Celtic numerology there are nine ‘Kindred Spirits’ in total, each embodying the magnanimous principles behind the SIGNUM collection.

The Honey Bee is Devotion; the Butterfly promises Hope; the Bull ensures Strength; the Wolf represents Bravery; the Snake symbolises Renewal; the Eagle embodies Freedom; the Fox provides Wisdom; the Hare brings Intuition; and the Stag signifies Grace.  

“Every piece is graced by hands of dozens of passionate goldsmiths; a synergy of love and respect.” 


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