SIGNUM scapulars sit on tactile, delicate chains across your chest and between your shoulder blades; crafted to evoke spiritual protection for each wearer, worn to the front & to the back, emulating scapulars worn by 7th century Benedictine monks. Featuring two classic shield silhouettes in 18ct white or yellow gold, the scapular presents two opportunities for ‘Kindred Spirits’. Decorate your piece with your chosen ‘Kindred Spirits’, facing front, hand-engraved and hand-enamelled from six iconic colours. The primary values closest to your heart are hand-engraved behind each silhouette, touching your skin. SIGNUM scapulars possess a modern sensuality - classic with a subversive elegance.  This is a unique, fine collection with an interactive customised approach.  Quality is a legacy onto its own.  

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Each wearer chooses their ‘Kindred Spirit’, the quality you want to nurture within yourself. This will be reflected in the one you are intrinsically drawn towards and what personally in you it can enhance for the better. Mirroring Pagan Celtic numerology there are nine ‘Kindred Spirits’ in total, each embodying the magnanimous principles behind the SIGNUM collection.

The Honey Bee is Devotion; the Butterfly promises Hope; the Bull ensures Strength; the Wolf represents Bravery; the Snake symbolises Renewal; the Eagle embodies Freedom; the Fox provides Wisdom; the Hare brings Intuition; and the Stag signifies Grace.  

“Every piece is graced by hands of dozens of passionate goldsmiths; a synergy of love and respect.” 


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