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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
January 3rd, 2023

Elevate the Everyday

Let's put a spotlight on 'Diamond Daywear', the wearable everyday kind, that we cannot bear to be without.

Armis Triple Stud Earrings

Our jewellery is the keeper of secrets and memories. Our diamond jewellery in particular, records life’s precious moments.

From the everyday piece we cannot bear to take off, to the bolder statement pieces that transform us - each piece has the capacity to nurture. Wardrobe staples that will not only bring you joy, but will cover all your needs, and then some.



Daily Wear Diamonds

Let's Talk Rings!

Everyday diamond rings don’t need to be big. It might just be a sprinkling of pavé. Enough to show creative flair and personality.

Rings are designed to be played with, sandwiched or stacked, switching it up when & where you want. Alternate between fingers and styles, the possibilities are endless. The reason we adore rings so much… They sit comfortably on our fingers, beckoning us for attention. Especially the diamond ones. We enjoy wearing rings, & we love that we get to admire them, all day, everyday.


Interlocking Embrace Duo Ring

Armis Triple Row Ring

The Armis silhouette is about light and reflection. Repetitious lines of precious 18ct white gold bounce reflections off each other, while the scintillating diamond pavé dances in that reflected light.

Cherry Blossom Flower Ring

Our Cherry Blossom rings are like miniature posies on your finger. Capturing the fleeting beauty of the Japanese Sakura in precious silver and gold vermeil, lustrous pearls, fine enamels and brilliant-cut diamonds

Interlocking Stacked Ring

Hook Diamond Ring

Serpent's Trace Wrap Ring

Armis Climber Earring & Armis Triple Stud Earrings

Quiet & Effective Diamond Ear Studs

At the House of Shaun Leane we take our Diamond Ear Studs very seriously, small, discreet and perfectly formed. You forget they are there, while everyone else notices.

Sitting contently on their own, Diamond Ear Studs are quiet and effective - ideal for minimalist days. Providing just the right amount of adornment, our considered proportions and provocative design punch above their weight.

Cherry Blossom Large Flower Earrings

Our Cherry Blossom flower ear studs in silver or rose gold vermeil are the perfect go-to for everyday. Organic shapes twist around solitaire diamond stamens and soft shaped petals, mirroring those found in nature.

Armis Climber Earring & Armis Ear Cuff

A diamond ear stud provides standout in an ear stack. Decide on the look and begin the build. An Armis climber is a modern take on an Ear Stud. Perfectly poised on the ear lobe.

Talon Fine Large Earrings

Inspired by the wonderful sharp claws from the animal kingdom, the Talon Fine earring appears integral to the wearer. Perfectly executed front to back, the graduated tapered silhouette is scintillating in black or white diamond pavé, culminating in a sharp point.

Diamonds for your Wrist!

When it comes to bracelets & bangles, think timelessness & versatility. For today, and everyday. Sprinkled with diamonds, they elevate the everyday.

You want a great piece, that molds to the curves and contours of your wrist, that feels like an extension of you. A piece that you can lovingly admire.



Sabre Diamond Bangle

Entwined Petal Flower Bracelet

Crafted in 18ct white and yellow gold, set with diamonds, our Entwined bracelets are to-die-for. Barely there chains with solid petals or pavé-set around diamond stamens, you decide.

Armis Drop Bracelet

The repetitious lines of Armis in precious 18ct white gold, reflect off one another, while the scintillating diamond pavé dances in that reflected light.


Cherry Blossom Single Bracelet

A brilliant-cut diamond takes centre stage in Cherry Blossom, peeping out of delicate enamel petals, precious metal branches & fine chains. These are bracelets to wear everyday, to delight & surprise.

Sabre Fine Cuff

Supple leather and rock hard diamonds are a daring combination. The seemingly simple yet sophisticated design of the Sabre Fine silhouette - with its precise knife edge and sweeping graduated curve, yields an impressive 1.78ct of graduated diamonds. Simply exquisite, yet pared down.

Sabre Bangles

A great bangle, or indeed bracelet becomes a forever piece. A staple in your jewellery wardrobe. Choose minimal lines and modern curves, summed up beautifully in our best-selling Sabre silhouette. Diamonds play on that simplicity, and make it spectacular.    

The No. 1 Diamond Large Earring

Diamond Accented Drops

Our drop earrings, scintillating in diamonds are sophisticated sculptural works of art. Whether scintillating in diamonds or shimmering in silver, are sophisticated yet simple.

Elegant clean lines that curve and contour with the body, have the capacity to elongate and shape as they flow. Following the jawline and tapering neatly into knife edge points, they perfectly frame the face. And attract the eye.

Swing. Sway. Swagger.

Sabre Diamond Crossover Earrings

The elegant tapered lines and graduated curves drop from the ear lobe, in striking shapes & contours. Our Sabre crossover earrings are designed to work with the body and follow the jawline, perfectly framing the face.

Cherry Blossom Small Drop Earrings

Cherry Blossom drop earrings sit quietly on the ear lobe capturing the light with the movement of the wearer. The strong branch creates a wonderful shape, complete with diamond illumination. Poetic & dramatic all at once.  

The No. 1 Diamond Large Earring

Adorned with a diamond pavé cap, the No. 1 earring is spirited & lively in its movement, elegantly working with the body. It promotes a fearlessness that is both attractive and empowering.

Serpent's Trace Long Drop Earrings

A beguiling diamond-pavé snake’s head takes centre stage - dropping elegantly from the ear lobe, in a graduated articulated drop. Serpent’s Trace celebrates the grace and strength of the serpents body.


Hook Large Diamond Earrings

Ever wanted to make people do a double take? The Hook diamond earring at first glance looks remarkably the same as the plain Hook earring, but when you look again, you will see that the graduated curve is exquisitely set with diamonds.

Neckwear to Embrace

You don’t need an occasion to wear a diamond necklace. And you don’t need a special outfit. All you need is a neck.

Wear a diamond necklace everyday – and the occasions will come.

Entwined Petal Flower Necklace

Hook Diamond Pendant

Worn casually inside a shirt collar or hanging loosely on a top, a diamond Hook necklace communicates a relaxed confidence, an effortless didn’t-know-it-was-there kind of adornment.

Sabre Fine Medium Pendant

A diamond necklaces dress the neck and décolletage, hugging the skin as they go. Invisible to the wearer, but superbly attractive to the onlooker, they catch the eye and draw attention upwards to the face. A sharp clean directional silhouette like Sabre Fine, adorned with a great deal of diamonds is the way to go.

Serpent's Trace Diamond Drop Pendant

Invisible to the wearer, but superbly attractive to the onlooker, a diamond necklace catches their eye and draws attention upwards to the face. A diamond encrusted Serpent’s head hanging low & sexy.

Talon Claw Pendant

The Talon claw pendant celebrates the strength of nature. It dresses the neck with a protective quality & beckons the onlooker. The sculpted cap features a diamond pavé-setting to the front, exquisitely set at an angle, with a signature knife edge.

Armis Drop Necklace

There is a dazzling fluidity and movement to Armis. The shimmer and shadow, the interplay of metal and diamonds, is mesmerizing, attracting the onlooker.

Solitaire ring — 2009 — Gold, 7ct cognac diamond, black diamonds
Poison ring — 2005 — White gold, diamonds
Luna ring — 2009 — White gold, rubies, carved rhodolite
Tribal deco ring — 2008 — White gold, black diamonds, white diamonds, tsavorites, cabochon hematite & quartz
Tusk ring — 2019 — Gold, black diamonds, ceramic

Rose Gold Vermeil Small Branch Earrings with Diamonds and Pearls

6 Key Diamond Pieces

Elevate the Everyday, celebrating easy go-to wearable diamonds. To wrap it up, here is a quick round-up of the 6 perfect wardrobe staples. These are diamonds to wear daily, to be cherished forever.

The Diamond Ear Stud

The Armis ear cuffs are discreet, dynamic and perfectly formed. A contemporary design-lead alternative to the traditional ear stud. You won't want to take them off.

The Diamond Necklace

The Talon claw necklace communicates a relaxed confidence, and an edgy elegance.

The Diamond Ring

Add some Interlocking rings to the daily mix. Sleek & stylish, they wrap the finger, stack neatly and stand out attractively. More is more.

The Diamond Drop Earring

The Sabre crossover earrings are sculptural works of art, poised with diamonds. They illuminate the face & elongate the neck.

The Diamond Bangle

Minimal lines and modern curves sum up the Sabre bangle. Exquisite when elevated with diamonds. It has weight. It has presence. Slim or wide, it is worthy of the daily jewellery edit.  

The Diamond WOW Moment

For the times when you just need to super-elevate the everyday - steal the show with the diamond Hook statement earring. Graduated brilliant-cut diamonds flow from top to bottom. Just one is more than enough!

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