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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
October 19th, 2023

ShowStoppers Our Top 35

Welcome to Showstoppers! A deep dive into our Statement jewellery pieces. From earrings to cuffs, chokers & rings, these are entrance making pieces that will own the room. Exquisite design detailing combined with considered proportions & refined craftsmanship give way to dramatic creations that adorn the body, akin to armour. Desirable & timeless, these are veritable ShowStoppers. Worthy of collection.

No. 1 - The Arm Vine

Entangled, thorny stems, hand-forged in silver, weave up the arm of the wearer; a visceral homage to nature when worn as protection from the outside world.

Fluid and elegant in form, but sharp and abstract as a concept, Arm Vine, when worn, materialises as bejewelled armour. It is designed to sit on the outside of the garment - like a coat of arms, or a silvered protector to the wearer - making it a unique and original approach to contemporary jewellery.

The Arm Vine

Arm Vine plays beautifully with negative space; in Leane’s story telling, it is never the bloom of the flower that gets top billing - stems, branches, and thorns alike feature as much in the romance and convey a dark mystery of the world.

No. 2 - Hook Earrings

The Hook earring is an iconic silhouette for the house and a bestseller. Defined by their knife-edge, creating light refracting facets on the jewel’s surface, their refined shape follows a powerful curvilinear line. An Iconic Hook is a true collectible featuring the family of hook earrings; all 7 editions is a pretty good place to start! Entirely versatile, wear in your own unique desired way.

No. 3 - The Quill Cuff

Architectural and archetypal, Quill Cuff is a statement piece and reflects on one of the core silhouettes of the House. A grid-like formation of five horizontal silver quills perfectly frame the wrist, generating a hypnotic almost op-art effect when worn.

No. 4 - The Sabre Fine Triple Ring

A dynamic cluster of tapered silhouettes enclose the finger, in three glistening sweeps of diamond pavé weighing a considerable 2.96cts. The clean contours of Sabre Fine, the gold accents and precious gem-set curves make this diamond cocktail ring a standout piece. A perfect adornment for evening, an undeniable conversation starter, and milestone piece to cherish forever.

No. 5 - The Statement Quill Choker

It doesn’t get more dramatic than this. A quiet rhythm, with underlying energy builds, in a larger-than-life dynamic Quill silhouette. The Quill choker appears menacing and sharp, but in fact it is in total sync with the wearer. The proportions and linkage between the individual Quills is not only considered but articulated, so they glide, capturing the light and illuminating the wearer.

No. 6 - The Sabre Fine Diamond Cuff

The feel of the piece is the premise with Sabre, our iconic silhouette. It’s provocative, daring & refined. And laden with diamonds, it is a stand out piece, worthy of collection. Sensuality and the tactility of leather is at the root of the design – informal and deeply sexy, against this backdrop, a dazzling 1.78ct silhouetted luxurious pavé facade, articulated beautifully. This has just a superb nonchalance about it.

No. 7 - The Cherry Blossom Pearl Necklace

They’re not called Power Pearls for nothing! Here we see statement making multi strands of pearls, with a flourishing & abundant twist. Glossy enamel blossoms with diamond stamens perfectly complement the natural luminosity of freshwater pearls. Romance, beauty & power all wrapped up in one.

No. 9 - The Sabre Fine Diamond Pendant

The Sabre Fine silhouette encapsulates a simple premise - the singular line on a curve. The genius is in the design, sharp & pointed, & the presence of the knife-edge that not only defines the facets, but allows them to be heavily laden with scintillating diamonds. Double rows of diamond pavé plunge the neck of the wearer, in a monochrome sweep with maximum impact. Deeply sexy, bold and courageous, its hand-finished facade brings drama to daywear and fast elevates evening.


No. 10 - The Rose Thorn Hoops

The allure of the hoop earring! Intricate pieces suspended in mid-air, bulbous, thorn-strewn vines in resplendent silver create harmonious, rounded silhouettes. A perfect alternative, and larger for impact, our Rose Thorn Hoops command attention. Made with real substantiality, a sense of weightlessness and movement is combined with the ferociousness and richness of nature’s strength & fragility.

No. 12 - The Quill Earring

The large Quill is high drama, high impact - immediately recognisable as the House of Shaun Leane. The porcupine-inspired shape is reverent to our House code: Line, dramatic spikes, androgynous cuts with a modern sensibility.

No. 13 - The Quill Wrap Ring

A daring and provocative silhouette, spiked Quills of yellow gold, gather and fire out in a glistening apparel, enveloping the finger all the way around. This ring makes a powerful statement.

No. 14 - The Interlocking Stacked Ring

The iconic ring of the House of Shaun Leane is re-interpreted as an interlocking, layerable jewel to be stacked, assembled and mixed; revealing a sliver of vibrant colour. Build in 18ct yellow, rose or white gold, or pavé-set with black and white diamonds, exuberant pink and blue sapphires, and Tsavorites - offering infinite wearing possibilities.

No. 15 -  The Sabre Deco Statement Cuff

Sabre Deco is Sabre’s powerful arc emboldened, combining a high-contrast of hybrid materials with couture elegance. A magnificent double Sabre silhouette of yellow gold vermeil with vibrant sweeps of black ceramic inlay, and 0.56cts of brilliant white diamonds.

No. 16 - The Sabre Fine Large Earring

Crafted from 18ct white gold and a ShowStopping 6.64cts of brilliant white diamonds, Sabre Fine large earrings combine virtuosity with renowned House of Shaun Leane glamour. The Sabre Fine silhouette is an elegant yet dangerous curve, and one of our House signatures.

No. 17 - The Interlocking Aurora Cocktail Ring

Our Aurora rings are legendary, their interlocking mechanism taking our team of goldsmiths over a year to develop in our Mayfair atelier. Their fluid contours and vivid compositions are inspired by the effervescent scent of the Aurora Borealis; a theme of flora intrinsic to our House codes.

No. 18 - The Cherry Blossom Statement Cuff

The Cherry Blossom Cuff is a show stopping piece from the Cherry Blossom collection. Inspired by Japanese wild flora and the natural world, Cherry Blossom features timeless pieces of exceptional quality and originality.

No. 19 - The Statement Hook Earring

These are statement earrings with star-power. All 120mm of them. Now that is what we call a magnificent drop earring. In an unprecedented Size 4, our signature Hook Earring is magnified; voluminous curves sweep down and inwards, ravishing the neck, grazing the collarbone. Commanding attention, Hook Size 4 Earrings are fierce jewels with stature, weight and presence.

No. 20 - The Sabre Pendant

The Sabre silhouette is an elegant yet dangerous curve, and one of our iconic silhouettes. The solid, central Sabre at the heart of our diamond pendant has heft, refinement; its chiselled curves, tipped with precision-set brilliant-cut diamonds at the crown of the silhouette.

No. 21 - The Hook Fine Diamond Earrings

Our Hook silhouette - a powerful curvilinear line - is a modern classic. Handcrafted from 18ct white gold, with a magnificent drop of 57mm, a generous drop of 38mm or the elegance of 29mm in length, these iconic earrings have stature, weight and presence.

No. 22 - The Rose Thorn Statement Cuff

A glistening web of riveted, thorn-strewn burly vines in sterling silver enclose the wrist, creating a resplendent slip-on cuff, perfectly shaped to your wrist and tapered to your arm. Metallic, illustrious, in sculpted yellow gold vermeil, Rose Thorn's metal vines metamorphose into a modern-day armour, a powerful statement in magical fantasy.

No. 23 - The Rose Thorn Choker

Rose Thorn sits at the heart of our House code, Flora; a celebration of botanical beauty that is the symbiosis of Leane’s emotive handwriting. Rose Thorn pieces are an explosion of texture and tactility, with thorny spikes and wide-veined, rounded ridges that are beautiful to touch.

No. 24 - The Serpent’s Trace Diamond Ring

The Serpent’s Trace Wrap Ring captures the majestic beauty of the mythological serpent. Graduated yellow gold vermeil pieces of shaped “bone” effect the serpent undulating along your skin and across your knuckles, coiling the finger in a climb. A diamond-encrusted serpent’s skull transforms this ancient creature into mythical legend.

No. 25 - The Sabre Deco Statement Earrings

Sabre Deco is Sabre’s powerful arc emboldened, combining a high-contrast of hybrid materials with couture elegance. A single Sabre silhouette of yellow gold vermeil curves an arc downwards, encircled by a beautiful sweep of black ceramic, held in place by a perfect ring of micro-set white diamonds.

No. 25 The Talon Cat Claw Statement Hoop

Oversized and sculptural, our hoops integrate Talon and Cat Claw silhouettes; organic shapes that mirror the essence of life, inspired by our House code, Fauna - jewels with an aura. With a diameter of 69mm, a perfect curve tapers front to back, graduating to a pointed tip, its sides flattened with sinuous twists ravishing from within.

No. 26 - The Neptune Cuffs

Inspired by wonderous treasures unearthed from ancient civilizations, the Neptune cuffs are crafted from a single sheet of sterling silver, worked and formed by hand in the House atelier. Each of these bespoke pieces are totally unique - no two have the same weathered patterns. Equally wearable dressed down, or to a red-carpet event, these cuffs have star quality.

No. 28 - The No.1 Earring

The No.1 Single Large Earring is our daring diamond drop inspired by Shaun Leane’s iconic sculpted silhouette. Suspended in ethereal light, a yellow gold vermeil 70mm curve glides with the wearer, crowned with white diamonds, illuminating your neck whilst framing your jawline, fastened with a bold shepherd’s hook.

No. 29 - The Armis Diamond Cuff

The Armis Diamond Cuffs are knife-edged yet voluptuous, flamboyant in style, and alive with drama. Leane distills new concepts and stories into powerful, contemporary bejewelled pieces of armour that convey “the freedom and strength of the modern woman.” Hand-crafted from 120 grams of 18ct white gold, Leane’s symphony of curled lines swoop and curve, articulated by 328 brilliant-cut pavé-set diamonds on each wrist.

No. 30 - The Armis Triple Hook Earring

Crafted from 18ct white gold and 1.40cts of brilliant white diamonds, Armis Triple Hook Earrings balance symmetry with perfect proportions. A waterfall of diamond pavé creates a sense of light and movement, framing the jawline beautifully. Infused into their design is our iconic Hook silhouette - where femininity becomes a motif of symbolic power.

No. 31 - The Serpent’s Trace Hoops

Handcrafted from sterling silver, our Serpent’s Trace Hoop Earrings reflect the beguiling legend of the mythological serpent. Graduated sterling silver pieces of shaped “bone” effect the serpent ensnared in a slither, coiling the earlobe in a climb. Featuring the bejewelled jaws of the serpent’s skull, its sinuous arc twists inwardly, framing the jawline of the wearer.

No. 32 - The Serpent's Trace Drop Earring

With a powerful drop of 85mm, the Serpent’s Trace Drop Earring are the ultimate statement in glamour. Perfectly graduated vertebrae of articulated sterling silver pieces of “bone” attach to the ear from the bejewelled jaws of the serpent’s skull - diamond encrusted - transforming this ancient creature into mythical legend.

No. 33 - The Sabre Deco Torques

Sabre Deco pieces are bright, vigorous jewels, combining geometric materials to create simple, precise configurations. Hand-carved from two single pieces of yellow gold vermeil and accented with gorgeous sweeps of black ceramic inlay, an elongated Sabre curve graduates to the contours of your neck, forming an incredible torque that closes to near-touching points - sitting snug just above the collarbone, due to its discreet hinge mechanism.

No. 34 - The Quill Multi Choker

Quill Multi Choker reinterprets again, a pointed aesthetic, in an organic movement of tenuous curls. Luminous quills of silver gather and fire out in a glistening apparel, undulating around the neck, building in size and capturing the light.

No. 35 - The Quill Couture Earrings

The Quill Diamond Earrings combine the highest level of artistry and originality with the flamboyance of couture. Leane uses palladium, a rarity for high jewellery, effecting a sleek polish, more reflective than platinum. Over 1,000 brilliant cut white diamonds are micro pavé-set into a 360 degree facade, seen from all angles.

Solitaire ring — 2009 — Gold, 7ct cognac diamond, black diamonds
Poison ring — 2005 — White gold, diamonds
Luna ring — 2009 — White gold, rubies, carved rhodolite
Tribal deco ring — 2008 — White gold, black diamonds, white diamonds, tsavorites, cabochon hematite & quartz
Tusk ring — 2019 — Gold, black diamonds, ceramic

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