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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
May 29th, 2023

The Social Season

That wonderful time of year is upon us. When the invitations flood in, from weddings to festivals, regattas to garden parties & everything in between.


From late spring into early autumn (& peaking this month), it is officially wedding season.

And who doesn’t love a wedding. Who can remember anything the day after? Always a sign of a great one... Whether a member of the wedding party or an invitee, this calls for getting dressed up!

Dress to thrill! And add flare by way of jewellery.


Armis Double Hook Earrings

Peeping out under a hat or looking glorious when seated, a well-chosen earring will seek the right amount of attention.

Cherry Blossom Hoops

Earrings dress the neck and attract attention towards the face. Choose a pair that delight from all angles, like the Cherry Blossom hoops. Ornate, figurative and worthy of a special occasion.

Sabre Deco Torque

Necklines range from the simple to the dramatic, and require dressing. To follow the line of the dress or to make a statement? A Sabre Deco torque can do both.

Quill Cuff

A showstopping cuff on a sun-kissed arm can absolutely make an outfit. Let me introduce you to the Quill cuff. A conversation starter in its own right.

Blackthorn Hoop Earrings

While the bride will be the most beautiful person in the room, & the centre of attention, there is the category of ‘Best Dressed’ to play for! A statement making killer piece of jewellery can steal the show. Check out these Blackthorn hoop earrings.

Blackthorn Leaf Ring

Weddings! What a great opportunity to wear a statement making cocktail ring such as the Blackthorn Leaf ring. Poised & perfectly balanced, pearl textures and rich tones interplay with shimmering liquid silver.

The Races

From early summer to autumn – it's all about furlongs & ‘the flat’! Thrill seeking racegoers live for the season! That coming together to enjoy world-class horse racing in the abundant English countryside. From Royal Ascot to Goodwood & beyond, there are months of good race dates to be had. And it’s not just about the thoroughbreds, it’s very much a spectator’s sport. Dress codes abound. It is all about the ‘getup’ & the giddy-up! The enclosures set the rules. How extravagant do you want to be?

Cherry Blossom Hook Earrings

Opt for earrings that look directional and dynamic, an earring that knows what it wants. Try our Cherry Blossom Hook earrings for size.

Rose Thorn Statement Hoops

If you are looking for earrings that will turn heads at the racecourse, (faster than the horses can), my money would be on the Rose Thorn Statement hoops.

Armis Drop Necklace

Show the bookies that you mean business with a seductive diamond-set Armis necklace. Sitting centre stage on your neck, it will not go unnoticed.

Sabre Fine Aerial Split Ring

The Sabre Fine Aerial Split ring signals who’s boss. Directional, dynamic and diamond. What's not to like.  

Cherry Blossom Cuff

Not forgetting it is a spectator’s sport, why not wave that hand around and flaunt something magnificent to the crowd. A Cherry Blossom cuff will not disappoint.

Serpent's Trace Couture Bracelet

If you are sporting the winning ticket, what better way to showcase your style than with a statement bracelet. The Serpent's Trace Couture Bracelet is a true winner.  


Whether it’s music, food, film or books, the summer festival season is in full swing. The major player, & the biggest in the world is Glastonbury! Kicking off at the end of June, and then pretty much every weekend after that – there is a festival for everyone!

Colourful, bold, fun and flamboyant, these are great days or indeed weekends away with friends, new & old. A time to relax, kick back and lose the run of yourself. Go large with wild abandon.

Personality & flare is what you are looking for here.


The No.1 Earring

One single earring is enough to make a statement. No need for perfect symmetry here. The No.1 earring is a crucial line of fearlessness, and where the House began.

Rose Thorn Necklace

Deeply seductive and sexy, a low hanging pendant sends out all of the right signals. Our Rose Thorn lariat necklace features precious thorn-laden vines – provocative & daring.

Rose Thorn Hinged Ring

It’s all about intrigue. A provocative ring can be a conversation starter. The Rose Thorn hinged ring hits the right note.

Talon Statement Cat Claw Hoop Earrings

For that WOW moment – go for a Talon statement claw hoop earring. You won’t ruin their view but you might ruin their day, as anyone standing behind will be pea green with envy.

Arc Leather Wrap Bracelet

The Arc leather wrap bracelet is an easy to wear bracelet that speaks of casual effortless style – perfect for laid back summer festival dressing.

Arc Signet Ring

Fashion, nostalgia or heirloom? An Arc signet ring holds a lot of meaning and becomes part of the daily uniform.


Pull on your nautical stripes and white shorts, this is all about hitting the not-so-high seas. Enjoying the best of our rivers & shores, regattas take to the waters, and we celebrate from the shoreline. Buntings and picnics are de riguer!

It’s as much about the spectating as it is about the taking part. Pimms anyone?


Cherry Blossom Strand Bracelet

Cherry Blossom Branch Pendant

Picnic baskets in hand, manicured lawns and riverbanks chequered with blankets. It’s time to bring the blossoms out! Wave the boats on with the natural beauty of freshwater pearls teamed with pastel glossy enamel & glistening diamonds in the Cherry Blossom strand bracelet or pendant necklace.

Blackthorn Drop Leaf Earrings

Nothing too fussy required here but just enough to show you’ve got real style. And that you know where you are – riverside and close to nature. The Blackthorn leaf earrings would be a good look.

Rose Thorn Large Hoop Earrings

Blend in with the surroundings without appearing too flowery with the Rose Thorn large hoop earrings. See if anyone even notices the absence of the rose flower?

Rose Thorn Triple Band Ring

In total sync with the river & it’s lush banks, a thorn laden rose stem enrobes the finger, not once twice but three times in the Rose Thorn triple band ring.

Quill Wrap Ring

Undulating & fluid, just like the ripples on the water, the Quill wrap ring has a festive celebratory feel to it.

The Tennis

Strawberry & Cream anyone? Wimbledon is not the only tennis tournament, but it is the big one! And it demands not only your attention, but your appetite. That timeless afternoon tradition of Strawberries & Cream.

Perhaps it makes the players perform better. Or maybe it distracts the audience somewhat. Whatever it does – it works.

Hook Diamond Earrings

Discreet & well played, the Hook Diamond earrings are unassumingly powerful. They will surprise you...

Hook Hoop Earrings

These Hook Hoop earrings are a perfect match (pardon the pun) for a day at the tennis. Centre court of course.

Talon Claw Pendant

Just a flourish of diamonds is enough, to elevate that effortless casual everyday look.

Sabre Bangle

The role of the wrist in tennis cannot be underestimated. Celebrate & adorn with a signature Sabre bangle.

Sepent's Trace Wrap Ring

For those pensive tie breaker moments, have a ring to contemplate on. The diamond encrusted Serpent’s Trace ring is a winner.

Arc Triple Ring

The Arc Triple ring is sleek & hefty, effortless styling for a day side of court.

Garden Parties

Whether it is a friendly BBQ at the neighbour’s house or a formal sit-down affair in a fancy walled garden, the Summer Garden party require proper thought-out attire.

Casual, smart with some summer flare is what we are looking for here. Floral prints, butterflies & foliage in every shade of green will need framing with eye catching jewellery pieces.

Cherry Blossom Drop Earring

Cherry Blossom Ring

A delicate flourishing Cherry Blossom drop earring adds an uplifting & natural feel to any party. Or bring the florals to the table by way of a full posy Cherry Blossom ring on the finger. Abundant, flourishing with just the right about of scintillating diamonds.

Hooked Pearl Ring

Pearls are always welcome. Pearls of wisdom, freshwater pearls on an elegant Hooked Pearl silhouette – there is always a place for them.

Hooked Pearl Earring

Be the envy of all guests with freshwater pearl, firmly ensconced in a golden thicket of precious metal. Hooked Pearl becomes a centrepiece.

Serpent's Trace Drop Pendant

It wouldn’t be a garden party without a Serpent! Of the bejewelled kind of course. Seductively caressing the neck in graduating articulating links, the Serpent’s Trace Drop necklace is our go-to.

Serpent's Trace Wide Bracelet

Not the most welcome guest at a garden party, unless it is the precious metal kind, Serpent’s Trace worn around the wrist, where you can keep your eye on it.

The Proms

A key date in the annual calendar at the Royal Albert Hall! A chance for all to enjoy classical music, over 8 glorious weeks. Dubbed the World’s Greatest Classical Music Festival, it’s an uplifting, invigorating & thought-provoking experience.

Attending the Proms is a hot ticket and an opportunity to go all out in Sunday best, or low key in comfy casuals. No rules here, so anything goes. Dress to suit your mood.

Armis Stud Earrings

Discreet & luxurious, sitting quietly on the ear, the Armis climber is perfect for taking in the low to medium to high pitches on the night.

Armis Triple Row Ring

Meticulous attention to detail & the considered placement of the diamonds on the Armis triple band ring is in-keeping with the contrasting moods of classical pieces.

Sabre Crossover Earrings

Lively & dynamic, choose a pair of earrings that look as though they are dancing to the music. The Sabre crossover earrings are perfect companions.

Hook Pendant

Hooked on classical music? Don a Hook diamond pendant & mark the occasion gloriously.

Cherry Blossom Bangle

An eye catching bangle will not get in the way of all that clapping & rapturous applause. Try the Cherry Blossom bangle for size.

Interlocking Embrace Ring

An Interlocking Embrace ring sets the tone of an evening at the proms – discreet, attentive and enraptured.

The Riviera

A Sunny place for shady people! Summer on the Riviera is the holiday of dreams. Think Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch a Thief’ to ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’, superyachts, beach umbrellas and the most delicate rosé pink wine. This is where the magic happens.

The invite of all invites – this is the time to get dressed up in your finest regalia and wow the crowd.


Eternal Orchid Earrings

Channel the exotic & add a splash of colour & diamonds with our Eternal Orchid Earrings. At a staggering eight carats, these are bejewelled statement pieces. Spark up a conversation.

Quill Choker

Steal the limelight from all the brilliant gemstones around with something provocative & daring, architectural and complex, like the Quill choker.

Sabre Deco Drop Earrings

Jaw grazing & suitably stylish in black & gold, the Sabre Deco drop earrings will not just enter the room, they will own the room. Pair it with the Sabre Deco statement cuff for maximum impact.

Sabre Fine Cuff

Understated yet glistening like the moonlit sea, the Sabre Fine leather cuff is Riviera worthy.

Interlocking Aurora Cocktail Ring

Colour. Flamboyance! They don’t call them Interlocking Aurora Cocktail rings for nothing. Light up the Riviera with this showstopper.

Sabre Couture Emerald Cuff

Live the dream, drinking rose and admiring the view in a decadent Sabre Couture Emerald cuff.

Solitaire ring — 2009 — Gold, 7ct cognac diamond, black diamonds
Poison ring — 2005 — White gold, diamonds
Luna ring — 2009 — White gold, rubies, carved rhodolite
Tribal deco ring — 2008 — White gold, black diamonds, white diamonds, tsavorites, cabochon hematite & quartz
Tusk ring — 2019 — Gold, black diamonds, ceramic

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