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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
July 24th, 2023

Master Jeweller, Dream Maker

Classically trained at the bench in Hatton Garden, London’s famous jewellery district, Shaun Leane has seen & done it all. As a master jeweller, his interest lies in historical jewels & the legacy they hold. He distils their meaning, and is particularly fixated on the heirloom quality of such pieces. Not only how they were made but how they were cared for and cherished, imagining the lives of the wearers. Each piece has a narrative.

Silver - The Noble Material

The House of Shaun Leane has always offered Sterling Silver collections, alongside it’s high, fine and bespoke creations. Our silver pieces are made with the same precision, craftsmanship and technique, as our fine gold pieces. In fact, our silver pieces are made by goldsmiths.

Silver is a noble material, with a rich heritage. It is lighter than other metals which allows master jeweller, Shaun Leane to push the boundaries of his designs, in terms of scale & volume. To create the wearable statement pieces we are renowned for, Silver offers an enviable creative freedom. Designs appear dynamic and alive, each piece having an energy all of its own.

Hook Diamond Earring

Embellished with 2.20ct of graduated diamonds, it is crafted from Sterling Silver to achieve the light weight for such an impactful piece.

Arm Vine

For master jeweller Shaun Leane, shapes & movement are paramount – that sense of being alive, actively growing, twisting and turning.

Sabre Deco Torque

Sabre - the House silhouette, a singular line on a curve, creates this dramatic neckpiece for Sabre Deco.

Serpent's Trace Drop Earrings

Our House code, Fauna, breathes life into bedazzled, anatomical structures that are sensual, visceral - kinetic. Articulated silver pieces of interconnected “bone” effect the serpent undulating across your skin.

Cherry Blossom Hoop Earrings

Inspired by the renewal and optimism brought by Japanese blossoms in springtime, Cherry Blossom is an evolution of our House code towards organic shapes and the natural world, and a contemporary take on pearls.

Quill Long Drop Earrings

The porcupine-inspired shape is reverent to our House code: Line, dramatic spikes, androgynous cuts with a modern sensibility. Distilled, here, into powerful earrings, rings & chokers Quill’s curvilinear lines are softened, creating drama and dynamism.

Visionary - Scale & Materials

When Leane collaborated with the late Lee Alexander McQueen, the sky was the limit! Two skilled craftsmen with avant-garde sensibilities, who never accepted ‘No’. They pushed the boundaries of design & creative thinking, as they instinctively knew they could apply their skills to any material.

They explored whole new ways to adorn the body and convey messages to the onlooker. They played with scale & volume, never allowing weight or practicality to hold them back.

Aquamarine No.1 Earring  

From the catwalk to the wearer, reimagined in precious gold and lightweight aluminium, this crucial line of fearlessness, The No.1 Fine is a signature curve that frames the face.

21 Young Street Façade

A perfect example of classical training applied to scale & materials is 21 Young Street. Leane’s creative direction took another unexpected turn when in 2014, he was commissioned to design gates, railings and balconies.

Grille Collar

Leane challenged himself to explore the negative space around the model; as a jewel had never been worn before. A metal grille comprised of 15 aluminium tubes, forming a visor-like linear structure, it appears as if suspended above the body.

Spine Corset

Spine Corset is one of the most memorable of Shaun Leane’s collaborations with McQueen. The aluminium ‘Spine’ corset mimicked the spine’s silhouette and armoured the body with a mischievous, even intimidating aesthetic.  

Rainbow Coloured Feather Fan Earrings

Although classified as earrings, the Feather Fan Earrings dress the head in a flamboyant, exuberant fashion, in turns, an earpiece, or headdress - connected to the ears.


In preparation for Jawbone, Leane studied two real human skeletal jaws - a male and a female. Combining avant-garde with the practical, oversized hooks fasten around both ears like an anatomical instrument. The appearance suggests that the wearer’s skin and flesh has been stripped away, leaving the jawbone and front teeth exposed.  

Gemstones – Natural Beauties

As a goldsmith, Leane explores & refines silhouettes in precious silver and gold. When it comes to gemstones, he has the opportunity to work with some of the most incredible Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires and Tourmalines.

The role of the jeweller is to enhance & frame the natural beauty of the stone, capturing the fire & light within, making the utmost of its spectacular beauty. The setting brings the stone to life, elevated & energised, alive for the wearer and a beacon to the onlooker.


Shard Necklace

In the Shard Necklace, the icicles form sculptural clusters & flow elegantly through the necklace, from front to side to back, as though melting, accented with diamond pavé to the front, culminating in a larger, more elongated cluster sitting in a tingling fashion, on the spine of the wearer.

Josephine Earrings

These Josephine Earrings define ‘Deco Times‘ & were a bespoke commission in conjunction with Gemfields. An exciting opportunity to push the boundaries & set in white gold, they feature two Amethysts, 6.04ct & 5.94ct, fringed with 2.13ct White Diamonds & 1.16ct Blue Sapphires all designed & set in an exhuberant & lively fashion. A perfect portrayal of the Art Deco movement.


Icicle Brooch/Pendant

Hand-crafted in platinum, Leane envisioned this masterpiece, The Icicle brooch/pendant (Bespoke Creation, 2019) to be truly refined and delicate in nature. A pendant that can also be worn as a brooch, taking inspiration from the dualities of fragility and strength present in the ephemeral structures of icicles.

Woodland Charms for Aspreys

In 2012, Shaun Leane was appointed creative consultant to London heritage jeweller, Asprey.
During this time he designed Woodland, a quintessentially British collection bringing to life the flora & fauna of the English countryside.

Woodland Rings for Aspreys

Within the Woodland Ring collection, Leane used his love of gemstones & colour to evoke the seasons - pairing cushion-cut Peridot with fine Tsavorite encrusted oak leaves. Golden Beryl is brilliant when orbited by scintillating White Diamonds or golden with vibrant Yellow Sapphires. Sultry Tourmaline is enveloped in Cognac Diamond pavé oak leaves to promote a more autumnal feel. Timeless expressions of the natural world.

Fuchsia Brooch

Drawing inspiration from past masters, with this object d’art Leane evokes the classical idea of Memento Mori - striking a fine, macabre balance and highlighting the fragility of life. At first glance, a beautiful Art Nouveau-inspired Fuchsia Brooch depicts a sprig of vibrant fuchsia; however, on closer inspection hidden details belay a deeper story.

Thorned Branch Pendant/Brooch

For the Thorned Branch Pendant/Brooch Leane created an organic structure of 18ct yellow gold thorned branches, interwoven & set with richly coloured Cognac Diamonds. Piercing from the Cognac Diamond stems are beautifully refined 18ct yellow gold thorns. These thorns embrace & enrapture the stunning Sapphire, and seamlessly act as the setting for the stone.

The Blue Beetle Lapel Brooch

A Tour de Force in craftsmanship, showcasing the growing technical virtuosity of the House, the Blue Beetle Lapel Brooch features hand crafted 'en tremblant' mounted beetles, in platinum, white gold and aluminium; set with Sapphires, hand-carved Tanzanite, hand-carved Rock Crystal and fine enamel. Any colour as long as it's blue...

Strength in Simplicity

For master jeweller, Shaun Leane, the strength of his design is in the simplicity. What appears simple is incredibly complex to achieve.

Line, a key design code for the house, showcases this vision perfectly. We witness the strength of the line, with its gentle curve, graduating and tapering to an exact sharp point. The addition of a knife edge adds intrigue by way of facets.


The No.1 Earring

The No.1 marks the birth of the House, the first piece of jewellery created for the Shaun Leane collections (1999). Designed to be worn single, it has a punk attitude; a notable anti-establishment feel.

Sabre Crossover Earrings

Sabre shows a simplicity of form, a sharp clean directional silhouette. Sabre evolved from the No.1. More refined & sharp, Sabre is straighter, less rounded, and of course, there is the introduction of the knife edge. Unmistakably Shaun Leane.

Hook Statement Earrings

Our Hook Earrings are iconic. The knife-edge adds refinement and serves to lighten the look, creating an illusion of that hook going seamlessly through the ear, with a front to back execution indicative of the House. It dresses the neck, frames the face and delivers an attractive level of remarkableness.


Armis Cuffs

In Armis, the repetition of a line creates a waterfall of fine white gold and diamond light. Leane had explored working with lines in earlier Alexander McQueen Catwalk shows. The Coiled Corset, followed by the Grille Collar, also in aluminium were incredible structures, complex and varied in the way they were moulded and shaped, designed for mobility.

Arc Bangle

Arc is sculptural and architectural, appealing to a fluid sensibility. The silhouette is about volume, tactility and wearability. It’s ergonomic shape suggests momentum. The addition of the knife-edge detailing elevates the profile and gives it a distinctiveness, taking it from being a classic robust shape to be a more design lead avant-garde piece. And yet the simplicity of the design makes it not only timeless, but effortless to wear.

Talon Earrings

Inspired by the wonderful sharp claws and shapes from the animal kingdom, Talon appears integral to the wearer.

Leane is fascinated with the wider animal kingdom. Not only the creatures, but their feathers, bone structure, tusks, especially their claws - those sharp tight talons, how they curved and defined themselves. There was something about the way these sharp structures protruded out from the body and how their curves varied animal to animal, from rounded ends to sharp pointed ends, the shapes were mesmerising.


Quill Multi Choker

The Quill choker is a formidable structure with daring, even menacing features that beckon & repel, on equal levels. Each Quill is ‘tailored’ – in length and undulation, to sit next to and work with the adjacent piece.The Quill silhouette beautifully illustrates the journey of the House – from where we have come, to where we are now. Provocative, daring & refined.

The original double pointed straight porcupine Quill was reworked in to this new silhouette, shaped to undulate & curve, lending itself to the contours of the body. The focus was, not only on dressing the skin, but moving with the body.


Fine Jewellery

Leane’s personal vision has always been to challenge the perception of modern jewellery. With his classical training (a seven year apprenticeship no less in London’s Hatton Garden) – Leane’s craftmanship skills are well honed, having restored & repaired Victorian, Art Nouveau & Art Deco pieces from an early age. At just 18, he was making diamond tiaras...

Interlocking Solitaire50 Engagement Ring

Crafted in 18ct Gold or Platinum, Interlocking is our most versatile ring collection. Playful, tactile, & colourful, it allows you to mix and match your gemstones & precious metals to fit your mood.

Interlocking Stacked Rings

When stacked with another, or indeed two (why stop there) – it becomes even more powerful and protective – enrobing the finger and aligning the sharp playful pointed ends. A powerful armour for the hand – both decorative and elegant, inviting caution & intrigue in equal measure.

Impassioned Heart Pendant

A welcome visit from the archives. From 2004 to be exact. In the early stages of building the house... “Impassioned” is an Art Nouveau inspired capsule collection, celebrating a deep devoted love.

Interlocking Aurora Ring

The Interlocking Aurora Ring Set is handcrafted from 18ct White Gold, and features a pear-shaped Amethyst, an oval Pink Tourmaline and a solitaire Rhodalite, a vibrant silhouette of pavé-set Rubies and Purple Sapphires enwreathe a bejewelled heart.

Sabre Fine Ring  

The Sabre Fine Ring is handcrafted from 18ct white gold and 2.96cts of brilliant White Diamonds - a perfect parure when worn with a coordinated pair of Sabre Fine Earrings. The knife-edge technique is central to Leane's work, and derives from his earlier career, when he restored antique jewellery - Art Deco and Victorian pieces.

Wild Horses Ring

Leane envisioned something romantic yet contemporary for this fine creation, Wild Horses. Representing the love shared and the edgy, passion and the drive present in the relationship. Each ring is crafted from Platinum and altogether feature a beautiful colour palette of rich Blue Sapphires and brilliant White Diamonds with a centre stone colour change Sapphire.

High Jewellery

For Master Jeweller: Dream Maker Shaun Leane, High Jewellery is where the magic happens. For Leane this is Couture. The rarest most beautiful most luxurious of stones are explored and set in the most exuberant & extravagant ways. It’s a chance to explore; to play; to create the most beautiful works of art.  

Serpent’s Trace Couture Emerald Necklace

The Serpent’s Trace Couture Emerald Necklace is Leane at his most innovative; the physicality of his ideas, from human-sized vertebrae, to snake endoskeletons that wrap around the neck, maximise his skills as “a jeweller” first.

Green Beetle Brooch

Shaun Leane’s exquisite bejewelled beetle delves us into the psyche of an avant-garde artist. His bespoke archives double up as chambers of curiosities; brimming with natural history jewelled “specimen”.

Sonnet XVIII Earrings

Leane’s Sonnet XVIII Earrings resonate old-world romance whilst encapsulating something fresh, modern and forward-looking. Named after Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII - “thy eternal summer shall not fade..."

Serpent’s Trace Couture Necklace

The Serpent’s Trace is Shaun Leane’s iconic collection of bejewelled snake endoskeletons that wrap around wrists, enclose necks and sway from earlobes. Using traditional goldsmithing expertise, Leane has devised and crafted an incredible vertebrae of interlocking pieces of sculpted white gold, which sit and then slither over our skin, like an external skeleton.

Queen of the Night for Boucheron

In Paris, France, October 2008, the high jewellery maison, Boucheron celebrated 150 years with an iconic necklace; designed by Shaun Leane, who was hand-picked to bring his futuristic vision to Boucheron’s hallowed workrooms.

Eternal Orchid Earrings

Leane’s Eternal Orchid Earrings parallel the strength and fragility found in nature with a tentative feeling of the human experience. Exotic orchid flowers of haunting beauty are masterfully hand-worked using 18 carat white gold, crafted through meticulous repoussé and chasing work which imbues the design with an organic touch.

White Light Brooch

In 2009, De Beers invited Shaun Leane to design a spectacular piece for their Forevermark Promise Exhibition. Diacore, the purveyors of the legendary 203.04ct Millennium Star and the Ponahalo Diamonds, would be providing the gemstones.

Orange Tip Butterfly Brooch

The Orange Tip Butterfly Brooch was shown exclusively as part of the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ for Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio in 2014. Art Nouveau design was Leane’s inspiration; figurative form had already found its way into his iconography, but here he presents new materials in Fire Opals.

Prowess Sapphire Ring

The Prowess Sapphire Ring reveals the personal passions and themes that have inspired Shaun Leane’s career: traditional craftsmanship, innovative materials and historical design. Crafted from platinum and pavé set with more than 170 royal blue sapphires, the Prowess Sapphire Ring’s exquisite centrepiece is a magnificent 10.53 carat sapphire of striking size and beauty.

Aerial Winged Earrings

In Shaun Leane’s Aerial Winged Earrings, emeralds float within soaring diamond-set lines, evoking the essence of feathered wings in flight. As though moving through the air, long sweeping strokes of “winged” diamonds swoop and swerve, catching the spring light; from which, suspended, a large marquise diamond.

Sabre Couture Cuff

Sabre Couture Earrings  

The Sabre Couture Set makes freedom and restriction, tension and fluidity balance as if on a knife-edge. Leane fuses form and materials; flawless emeralds, black ceramic and 18 carat gold; an edgy interplay of light and dark proportion, itself a homage to the checkerboard motifs of Deco and the shimmering steel-clad exterior of New York’s Chrysler Building.

Solitaire ring — 2009 — Gold, 7ct cognac diamond, black diamonds
Poison ring — 2005 — White gold, diamonds
Luna ring — 2009 — White gold, rubies, carved rhodolite
Tribal deco ring — 2008 — White gold, black diamonds, white diamonds, tsavorites, cabochon hematite & quartz
Tusk ring — 2019 — Gold, black diamonds, ceramic

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