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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
May 20th, 2022

Iconic Silhouettes: Part 2

Welcome to Iconic Silhouettes, a celebration of our innovative design handwriting and refined craftsmanship.
Interlocking Ring Set


Inspired by the original tusk shape, later known as Sabre, the Interlocking ring is a finer, miniaturized Sabre silhouette, that wraps the finger, with its sharp pointed end acting wayward, and standing out. This ‘signature defiant point’ has become an iconic detail for the house, seen not only in this collection but in our Entwined love & commitment rings.

This fine detail is dynamic and edgy, with a positive energy to it. Interlocking rings are designed to be stacked. Wear as a pair or go for a triple, choose your colour matching with solid gold and pavé stone settings, aligning the point as you wish. Playful & Stylish, a mood enhancer.
Interlocking Ring Set on Model
Colour variations of our Interlocking Rings
Colour variations of our Interlocking Rings


Crafted in 18ct Yellow, White or Rose Gold or Black Rhodium, Interlocking are available as solid rings or pavé-set, with an array of colourful stones from white & black diamonds, Tsavorites, Blue, Pink & Yellow Sapphires. The possibilities are endless. The Aurora rings are more cocktail in feel, featuring larger stones, set in organic daring silhouettes that interlock with each other.

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, larger colourful stones, both precious & semi-precious, are orbited by glittering dancing tone-on-tone pave bands & defiant points. Designed to be built upon, the ring has infinite possibilities. Interlocking has inspired many bespoke commissions, adorning rare stones and heritage pieces.
Shaun wearing his Interlocking Ring Set
Interlocking Solitaire Set
Hook Heart Pendant with Diamonds

The Genius of a Ring Set :

Ariana represents the perfect union – the pear shaped diamond engagement ring – exciting & rare; the diamond pavé-set wedding ring - inventive & framing; and the pear-shaped diamond eternity ring - exquisite & echoing. All three are designed to sit together, in perfect harmony. Ariana is a breath-taking cluster of shimmering white gold and scintillating diamonds.

The Interlocking Ariana Ring Set celebrates unity, those unbreakable bonds of love. The ring set created a new importance for the wedding band, often a second thought to the engagement ring itself. The pear-shaped diamond is beautifully framed, with a protective yet open feel. Interlocking Ariana elevates the wedding band to a newsworthy design story of its own - how it orbits the all important single stone.
Ariana Ring Set
Armis Double Hook Earrings


Shaun Leane had explored working with lines in earlier Alexander McQueen Catwalk shows. There was the famous coiled corset, made from aluminium, created for The Overlook - AW99, followed by the Grille collar, created for La Dame Bleue - SS08, also in aluminium.

These incredible structures were complex and varied in the way they were moulded and shaped, designed for mobility, to work with the non-rigid body. They were akin to body armour, and displayed a strength together with a fragility, only obvious when you broke down the architectural casing to just one fine line.
Armis Single Bar Necklace
Dua Lipa wearing our Armis Double Hook Earrings
Jessie Buckley wearing our Armis Climber Diamond Stud Earrings
Entwined Inward Engagement Ring Set


Having two bands, designed to sit so snug & tight with each other, while allowing for the occasion, the stunning solitaire diamond, was a genius design development for the House. It made the wedding ring an event in itself. Prior to that wedding bands were considered secondary, and more of a symbol of continuous love and commitment rather than an incredible piece of jewellery in their own right. The Entwined Inward Ring Set is a keeper.
Making the Entwined Inward Engagement Ring Set
Entwined Inward Engagement Ring Set on Model


An iconic silhouette for the house, undeniably Shaun Leane, the Entwined Inward Ring set is an award winning design, attracting a global following. It's no mystery that our Entwined engagement rings have become bestsellers. Entwined rings have developed in stone size over time, accommodating larger stones, rarer stones and for the owners, they have been built upon their ring, by adding an Eternity ring, in that same seamless look & feel. Entwined captures the imagination and storyboards the romance.
Entwined Inward Engagement Ring Set

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