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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
June 3rd, 2022

Iconic Silhouettes: Part 3

Welcome to Iconic Silhouettes, a celebration of our innovative design handwriting and refined craftsmanship.
Sabre Fine Large Earrings


Statement earrings generally took the form of Chandelier earrings. They were big, featuring large stones and busy with moving parts. Both intriguing & complex. Sabre Fine diamond earrings by comparison, show a simplicity of form, a sharp clean directional silhouette, adorned with a great deal of diamonds. Sabre Fine diamond earrings are powerful & present, with a controlled movement. So beckoning, they own the room. The silhouette is strong, streamlined and a perfect balance of precious gold & scintillating diamonds.
The making of a Sabre Fine Large Earring
Maya Jama wearing the Sabre Fine Large Earrings


Sabre is an iconic silhouette of the house, that evolves year on year. Bespoke commissions have included undeniably beautiful Sabre Fine emerald earrings. Unmistakably Shaun Leane. Dramatic & desirable, the Sabre Fine collection extends to neckwear, rings and wristwear. The rings are edgy and daring, they make a statement but are instantly wearable.

Strong clean lines, scintillating with diamonds and brimming with energy. Designed to complement the rings, the pendant necklaces are strong directional pieces, that elegantly dress the neck with their barely there chains and lust-worthy centrepieces.
Sabre Slim Bangle
Arc Bangle in Silver and Yellow Gold Vermeil


The Arc silhouette is about volume, tactility and wearability. It’s ergonomic shape suggests momentum. And the simplicity of the design makes it not only timeless, but effortless to wear. The addition of the knife edge detailing elevates the profile and gives it a distinctiveness, taking it from being a classic robust cuff to be a more design lead avant-garde piece.

The Arc cuff bangle is refined, with heft, giving it a lovely presence on the wrist, tactile and friendly - everyone’s favourite bangle. Both the volume and weight are attractive features of Arc and the manner in which it graduates, in a somewhat hurried fashion, a precise perfect point that still retains the volume – is unmistakably Shaun Leane. The point appears unexpected – a little abrupt on such voluptuous pieces. Elevate the everyday!
Arc Collection
Arc Star Signet Ring

#11 - Sabre Deco

Sabre Deco makes freedom and restriction, tension and fluidity balance as if on a knife edge. Think: the House’s fearless silhouette, the Sabre with couture elegance. These statement earrings swirl and dance on the neck, bound by diamonds, dazzling as they go.

The Art Deco movement was about Architecture, Jewellery and Clothing. Expressive and upbeat, it celebrated movement and fluidity. And you could feel the decadence of the era in the details, that flamboyant playfulness. Sabre Deco perfectly demonstrates the reinvention and evolution of the house silhouette. The Sabre becomes a more dynamic dramatic piece, that is as much about materials as it is about design. Expressing movement and colour, Sabre Deco has a presence and energy all of its own.
Sabre Deco Statement Earrings
Sabre Deco Cuff


Sabre Deco delights in silver & black or gold vermeil & black - decadent rich colours that come together in lively shapes and forms, expressing freedom and beauty. Discover neckwear and wristwear that will delight and surprise the onlooker, pieces that can only be described as provocative, daring and refined. Unmistakably Shaun Leane.
Hannah Waddingham wearing our Sabre Deco Statement Earrings
Quill Multi Choker in Silver


Born out of the first ever commission in 1997, from the late formidable Isabella Blow – who requested an anklet, like the ones worn by the Italian ladies of the night. An early patron to some of the greatest names in fashion, Isabella saw the potential in Shaun as a creative force, at an early stage, from the work he created with Alexander McQueen, another creative talent she championed and nurtured, right up until her untimely demise.

The anklet was so daring, before it’s time. It had an edgy elegance, dangerous and sharp to look at but so perfectly formed to the alignment of her graceful ankle. Painstakingly considered and proportioned to accommodate her gait, to move with her without harming or causing irritation. Perfectly fitting, like a second skin. For such a sophisticated couture dressed lady, this was a bold piece, yet so refined and elegant. Perfectly tailored.
Bespoke Quill Anklet for Isabella Blow


The choker evolved from the anklet, which took the original double pointed straight Quill and reworked the silhouette to undulate & curve, lending itself to the contours of the body. The focus was not only on dressing the skin, but moving with the body. Each Quill is ‘tailored’ – in length and undulation, to sit next to and work with the adjacent piece.

The original tailoring ensured the elegant fit and elongation of the ankle, the careful balancing of the width & profile of the leg, accommodating the achilleas heel which itself behaves like a knife edge. For the choker, additional consideration was needed to address the length of the neck, to retain that gracefulness, and vulnerability and accommodate the incline to the chin.
Shaun creating the Quill Statement Choker
Sonam Kapoor wearing our Quill Statement Choker
“I have always been inspired by the boldness of Art Deco, the revolution in artistry that pushed modern design to the hilt. Now, as London comes alive again, in this defining moment in our history, celebrating the powerful stimulus of Deco, in my own handwriting, feels like our moment to laugh again, to dance - to love.”

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