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May 18th, 2021

Our inspirations from week four of the New BBC2 show ‘All that glitters’.

In the final episode of the season, working with 18ct gold the remaining contestants had to create a pair of stand-out drop earrings, followed by their own version of a Maang Tikka – a traditional Indian bridal headpiece.
April 9th, 2023

Rings: Style Statements

From the simple to the elaborate, the delicate to the hefty, and everything in between.

Armis Triple Stud Earrings

Our rings are personal style statements. They announce our personalities. Their size, shape and design inform others as to who we are. And how we wear them speaks volumes about us. How we play, sandwich, stack and switch them up – are all little signals as to who we are, on any given occasion.

And that’s the beauty – rings allow us to play.  


Solo Statements

Lets begin with Solo Statements.
Sometimes ONE ring is all it takes. To make ONE bold statement. It speaks of confidence, decisiveness & direction.
Try the Hooked Pearl ring for size. We tempt the eye with the natural lustre of pearls - black or white. A jewelled cage, resembling a layer of protection, conceals something precious, that you cannot touch. Two exquisite pearls...

Hooked Pearl Rings

Serpent's Trace Long Ring

Edgy, playful and supple. The Serpent's Trace ring enrobes & stacks on the finger, hinged for movement with silver vertebrae links.

Rose Thorn Triple Band Ring

A menacing thorn on a vine protects the rose from its predators. We see the wonderful protective quality of the rose plant and how wilful nature is. Rose Thorn celebrates the strength and force of nature.  

Armis Triple Row Ring

The power of ONE – a single silhouette owning not just the finger, but the hand. A solo statement requires nothing more. The Armis triple row ring is all about being seen – it demands attention.

Arc Star Signet Ring

For those who appreciate beautiful curves, clean lines and jewellery with some heft to it, the architectural clean lines of our Arc rings will not disappoint. Perfectly proportioned silhouettes.

Quill Long Ring

More is More

Rings allow us to play. To be exuberant & expressive. Wearing more than one is not only fun, it's bold and exciting. Be daring - go for more.

Quill's curvilinear quality captures the light, and makes for a a perfect armour when worn as multiples. Daring and provocative, signature quills are placed in a precise five-bar horizontal layer, creating an elegant armour for the finger.

Make mine a double!

Rose Thorn Ring Stack

Rose Thorn is a powerful statement, and perfect for stacking. A generous and precious sterling silver thorn-laden stem curls around the finger, leaving the rose to the imagination. Single, double & triple bands make quite the jewellery statement.  

Blackthorn Ring Stack

Our rings are designed to be worn with abandon. Midnight pearls are nestled in glistening leaves of glossy spinel in Blackthorn, interwoven with organic shaped precious silver. Alternate between fingers and styles, unadorned or embellished, the possibilities are endless.

Cherry Blossom Ring Stack

Cherry Blossom rings appear like miniature posies on your finger. A flourishing garden of delicate enamel, rose gold vermeil, naturals pearls & diamonds to adore, right there on your hand.

Serpent's Trace Ring Stack

A fearsome alternative to a simple gold band, the polished vertebrae of the Serpent's Trace encompass the finger whilst delicately catching the light. Layer with the jewel encrusted snake head for dramatic effect.  

Steal Their Style

Our rings are make a statement. Wear just one or stun with many. Layer, sandwich, alternate - the possibilities are endless. Here we take a look at how celebrities wear Shaun Leane rings - and how they mix it up!

Tessa Thompson wears our Silver Black Rhodium Hooked Pearl Rings.



Ismael Cruz wears our Arc Ring, Rose Thorn Hinged rings and Triple Band rings attending the premiere of Lord of the Rings : The Rings of Power in London.


Rita Ora wears our Hooked Pearl Ring, Blackthorn Leaf Ring and Pearl Leaf Ring, attending the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, November 2022


Ellie Goulding wears our Wears our Sabre Deco Crossover Ring and Serpent's Trace Wrap Ring for a promotional Billboard in Times Square.


Rahi Chadha wears our Rose Thorn Rings with abandon. Single, Double and Triple thorn laden bands enrobe the finger and delight.


Zinnia Kumar wears our Quill Ring and Quill Triple Bar Ring at Alexander McQueen at London Fashion week.


Tayce wears our Rose Thorn Hinged Ring and Arc Star Signet Ring at Paris Fashion Week, 2023.

Rose Thorn Rings

Attention to Detail

From the simple to elaborate, our rings both invite intrigue & caution. Designed to be worn with abandon, one is never enough.

Rose Thorn celebrates the strength and force of nature - a menacing thorn on a vine protects the rose from its predators. Visually deceptive, the natural thorn on a rose stem appears at first to be bulky & broad, and fools those who cannot see the pointed sharp tip to it.

Recreated in precious metal, it is an ultra-refined silhouette, graduated and undulated, incredibly complex to perfect.

Serpent's Trace Band Ring

Serpent's Trace Wrap Ring

When we think of the snake, we think its movement - Muscular, Tactile and Hypnotic. The Serpent’s Trace captures this unmistakable beauty in each spectacular link. Silver vertebrae slide like silk over the skin, each link precisely shaped and integrated with the next.

Blackthorn Ring and Triple Ring

Blackthorn, reveals the personal passions and themes that have inspired Shaun Leane’s career; woodlands and wildflower hedgerows. Leane fuses precious black spinel with thorny sterling silver stems into a dark beauty that enrobes the finger. 

Cherry Blossom Flower Ring and Full Flower Ring

Abundant, delicate and flourishing - Our Cherry Blossom collection captures that specific fleeting beauty in precious silver and gold vermeil where sculptural shapes, lustrous pearls, fine enamels and brilliant-cut diamonds come together in exquisite creations, and a promise of unending joy.

Quill Rings

Quill Fine Ring

The original double pointed porcupine quill was reworked to create the Quill silhouette as we know today, undulating & curvaceous, lending itself beautifully to the contours of the finger. The focus was not only on dressing the skin, but moving with the body.

Universal Appeal

Our rings are personal style statements. They announce our personalities and inform others as to who we are. They have universal appeal which make us question, who wears it best?

Sabre Deco, is a fusion of form and materials, a homage to the 1920’s. An edgy and rich interplay of light and dark proportion, movement and silhouette.


Sabre Deco Rings

Hooked Pearl Ring

Precious pearls - you can see them but you cannot touch them. Luxuriously nestled in their precious cage, they beckon us with their beauty. Hooked Pearl has volume & presence, in a variety of precious metal finishes, appealing to a fluid sensibility.  

Blackthorn Pearl Leaf Ring

Who do you think wears it best? Blackthorn's spiky thorn-laden branches enclose a harvest of “blue-purple berries” in freshwater pearls. With volume & heft, these are statement rings for all.

Rose Thorn Rings

Get enraptured in menacing thorn laden vines with Rose Thorn. The absence of the rose is not questioned. These exquisitely crafted pointed organic forms of nature elegantly enrobe and caress the fingers. Designed to be shared.

Interlocking Rings

With its renowned precision line and accented sweeping point, our Interlocking rings mark moments, loves, friendships in a unique and glorious array. Fit for sharing, if you are that way inclined...

Serpent's Trace Rings

Precious metal sculpted vertebrae trace the finger around as visceral as a snakes’ coil in Serpent’s Trace. From a simple band to the beguiling snake head, they invite intrigue & caution.

Interlocking Stacked Ring

Fit Seamlessly Together

Our rings are personal style statements. How we play, sandwich, stack and switch them up – are all little signals as to who we are, on any given occasion.

The popularity of our Interlocking rings lies in the ability to style them as you wish.
Playful, stylish, and an instant mood enhancer. Our Interlocking Rings in solid gold or partially set with fine pavé, become even more powerful and protective when stacked – enrobing the finger and aligning the sharp playful pointed ends to create a powerful armour for the finger – both decorative and elegant.  

Interlocking Aurora Ring Set

The Interlocking Aurora rings feature larger stones set in organic daring silhouettes, that interlock seamlessly with each other.
Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, a pear-shape, an oval and a round solitaire stone are surrounded by vibrant rows of micro-set diamonds & gemstones. This set of three Aurora rings can be worn as one spectacular cocktail ring or as three separate pieces.

Interlocking Ariana50 Eternity Ring Set

The Interlocking Ariana ring set is a breath-taking cluster of shimmering white gold and scintillating diamonds. Ariana represents the perfect union – the pear shaped diamond engagement ring – exciting & rare; the diamond pavé-set wedding ring - inventive & framing; and the pear-shaped diamond eternity ring - exquisite & echoing.
All three are designed to sit together, in perfect harmony.

Interlocking Embrace Duo Ring

The refined Sabre silhouette wraps the finger like a layer of protection, with its cautionary ‘edge’ beckoning & repelling at the same time. And the Interlocking Embrace ring has no less than two sweeping points. Double the framing, it is a band like no other, designed to be interlocked.

Entwined Rapture50 Engagement Ring Set

Our Entwined Engagement ring sets are celebrated for their ingenuity and impeccable craftsmanship. Each ring fits together seamlessly and is fashioned to perfection, representing the eternity of love and the unerring individuality of human commitment. Mark romantic milestones, in a unique and glorious array.

The Magic of Bespoke

At the heart of our work lies our bespoke creations – pieces which are instantly recognisable in their aesthetic yet able to expertly capture the essence of their intended wearer.

These bespoke commissions are each totally unique and sit in the collections of tastemakers, collectors and royals across the world.

Join the Club!

To make an enquiry, please contact Laura Fumagalli, Head of Private Clients at

Eternal Blossom Ring

Eternal Blossom Ring is a bespoke ring-set, created by Leane in 2022; comprised of two Platinum rings, the project continues to expand with a third ring just recently commissioned. Shaun Leane’s rich, botanical design reflects the different stages of flowering in a central relationship of the client’s life; mapping their personal journey of union and commitment, across the Atlantic Ocean. Leane is particularly influenced by his House code, Flora.
The Zambian emerald central stone, a lustrous, verdant hue, the colour of shamrock, sits, royal, as the centrepiece, garnished either side with black diamond pavé leaves, brilliant-cut white diamonds, marquise shaped diamonds and two resplendent peacock pearls.
Leane is looking at nature. The use of colour is important as if Leane is recreating a bejewelled landscape. Botanical beauty and snow-lit refracted light create a balance of light and shade, embodying the blueprint for human relationships. His elevated, signature handwriting places the role of artist as central, whilst balance is needed between the object, the artist and the client. The physical shape and the volume of the pieces are important to Leane, as if they were characters on a stage.
The journey of the design-process over time, across oceans, are some of the personal details Leane factors into the overall design. An interlocking set of rings from the House of Shaun Leane are designed to be layered and worn in different ways. The central emerald is the key piece for everyday adornment. When paired with a second and third ring, new shapes are created, taking you into formal wear for evening.

Metropolis Ring

Metropolis Ring is a bespoke three-ring set of Interlocking Deco Rings, created by Shaun Leane in 2022. Leane worked closely alongside a private client and personal collector of his work, taking into consideration the varied elements of a person’s life; fusing together individual pieces of her history as told through past jewellery items, creating a multi-faceted, interactive jewel that when worn, imitates hand sculpture.

The three rings when adorned together, interconnect and lock, to become a unique and ornamental, complete celebratory-set. Leane’s symphonic handwriting, clever interlocking silhouettes (offering infinite wearing possibilities) are pure technical wizardry; perhaps the most modern of all, Metropolis Ring is repurposed entirely from old jewellery pieces belonging to the client.

Using two past wedding bands, an existing engagement ring and a pair of heirloom earrings, Leane crafted three individual platinum rings, with emerald-cut white diamonds as centrepieces on each, the diamonds also repurposed from the client. The ring’s shanks are of geometric design with precision lines of emerald, black and white diamond pavé.

A bejewelled fortress for the fingers, its squared contours crafted from platinum, spot-lit with electric-hued diamonds. The ring-set when complete is a resplendent, liberated Metropolis, the name itself a reference to Art Deco influences.

Metropolis Ring is named from the 1927 film, Metropolis, and the emblematic city of abundance, Babylon, with its abundance of wealth and vitality for all who lived there. The promise of prosperity today is in how Leane remodels and renews old materials.

The free-feeling of Deco, as interpreted by Leane, is similar to the clean, geometric lines of Georges Fouquet’s locket pendants, but freer, more fluid; Leane’s lines soar, reflecting the architectural aesthetic of the 20s. Then he weaves in opulent colour; the impact of emeralds against black and white diamonds.

Metropolis Ring is a smart jewel - self-referencing, knowing... - “emerald cut” diamonds and “diamond-shaped” emerald pavé.

Prowess Diamond Ring

The Prowess Cognac Diamond Ring’s contemporary setting and exotic beauty is held in a balance by a sleek, architectural design. The clean, fluid silhouette of the Cognac Diamond Shield Ring diffuses opulent colour and sharp lines; reminiscent of Art Deco designs of the 1920s and 30s. The ring’s wow factor is it’s glittering cognac jewel, evoking talismanic properties, a source of protection when worn.

Crafted from platinum and pavé set with 1.20 carat of black diamonds, the Prowess Cognac Diamond Ring’s exquisite centrepiece is a magnificent 5 carat cognac pear shaped diamond of striking size and beauty. Leane’s meticulous placement of the central cognac diamond is just so that its many facets capture and disperse light from all angles.

Solitaire ring — 2009 — Gold, 7ct cognac diamond, black diamonds
Poison ring — 2005 — White gold, diamonds
Luna ring — 2009 — White gold, rubies, carved rhodolite
Tribal deco ring — 2008 — White gold, black diamonds, white diamonds, tsavorites, cabochon hematite & quartz
Tusk ring — 2019 — Gold, black diamonds, ceramic

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