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April 5th, 2022

From Studs to Statements

We know earrings! From studs to statements, we have an enviable reputation for offering cool alternatives. Always perfectly executed front to back, for 360 degree admiration, our earrings have the capacity to beckon and repel the onlooker.
Armis Triple Stud Earrings

Dynamic Talons

Our Talons are legendary, & Instantly recognisable from the house of Shaun Leane. Versatile, easy to wear & stack. Inspired by the wonderful sharp claws and shapes from the animal kingdom, the Talon appears integral to the wearer. Perfectly executed front to back, the graduated tapered silhouette culminates in a sharp point. A signature Shaun Leane moment. The Talon form lends itself beautifully to earrings, what we are well known for, and the collection ranges in sizes. Collectibles for everyday wear.
Talon Collection
Hook Large Earrings with Diamonds

Daring Hoops

What makes a good Hoop earring – great? It’s all in the proportions. From the size to the weight to the shape, it all plays a part in creating the drama that is – the Hoop earring. The most versatile pair of earrings in your arsenal - befitting day, night and everything in between occasions, the Hoop can make the outfit. Akin to the favourite blue jeans or classic white tee, this is an element of your wardrobe that you can rely on, and return to time and time again. From the shoulder grazing to the mid length, a large hoop is the way to go.
Serpent's Trace Mini Hoop Earrings
Quill Diamond Earrings

Sculptural Statements

Statement Earrings! They do exactly that – make a statement. They have the power to not only enter the room, but to own the room. Gliding with the body, swaying with the motion, they attract attention and capture imaginations.
Bespoke Sonnet XVIII Earrings
“There is a desirable attitude to a hoop that no other jewel can replicate.”

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